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Custom Curved Stairlifts

Our pros can provide you with stairlifts to use in tight corners and multiple storeys with room to spare

Outdoor Use

Make your front yard, garden, patio, and backyard more accessible with a highly adaptable stairlift

Straight Stairlifts

Straight stairlifts are the easiest & quickest to install for the pros since minimal customization is needed

Options & Upgrades

Choose to have folding & swivel functions for added comfort and/ or a body harness for extra safety.

Quick Professional Installation

Have a new stairlift delivered within 2-7 days and installed any time between a few hours to two days.


There’s no need to worry, you can order a battery-powered stairlift so you’re not left stranded amidst a blackout.

Popular Questions About Our Stairlifts

For many people looking to install a stairlift in their home, the task of choosing the right one is a difficult task. We’ve taken the time to answer the key questions that homeowners like you want answered before going through with the project.

How Long Does It Take to Install a Stairlift?

It depends on the complexity of the project of course. Straight stairlifts take less time to install due to their straightforward layout and ease of installing the track, which doesn’t take more than two to four hours on average to complete.

Curved stairlifts take more time to install, since corners and possibly more storeys are involved in the project. If saving space is central for your comfort and convenience, the contoured rail is more delicate to install, and it’s better to be careful and patient to ensure your new stairlift’s longevity.

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What Do I Do in the Event of a Power Outage?

Our contractors have models built to work strictly on battery power or made to utilize both battery power and a power supply to be used in emergencies. By the press of a button, you can switch between both sources of power during a blackout, so you’ll still be able to navigate in your home.

Will My Stairlift Alert Me that I’ve Left It Off Charge?

To save energy and be prepared for the worst, sound and light alarms will let you know that your stairlift’s battery is close to being drained. The best course of action of course is to then switch it back to the power supply to keep it ready for emergencies.

Will I Need to Redecorate?

Unless you were going to remodel your home any way, there’s no need to change anything to accommodate a new stairlift – not even your stairs’ carpeting. Our contractors will schedule an appointment with you for a free in-home consultation and provide you with color and design options to make your new stairlift fit right in. And should you decide to renovate at some point in the future, the stairlift can be detached and refastened to accommodate new carpeting for your stairs.

How Much Space Would I Be Giving Up?

All our stairlifts sit slightly off from the mouth of the staircase and won’t obstruct anyone’s path. If saving space is critical for you in all situations, we have stairlift models with tracks and seats that can be fastened in a compact fashion, so your kids, grandchildren and pets will be able to move up and down the stairs while you’re being lifted.

Plus, the stairlift itself can be entirely folded up vertically to eliminate the chances of children bumping their heads, or others their knees, and maximizing the available space.

How Supportive Is It of Seat-To-Seat Transfer?

You can obviously control the height of the seat to match the height of your wheelchair and comfort level. Additional features like foldable armrests and the swivel function help you in transferring yourself from seat to seat without assistance from a caregiver or family member, maintaining your mobility and independence.

If you’re a senior and part of a community transitions program that enables you to live on your own, a stairlift is but one investment in the right direction when it comes to making your home easier to navigate independently without feeling restricted from your day-to-day living.

Tip! Tell our contractors that you want foldable armrests and swivel-action to ensure your safety upon exiting onto the landing or wheelchair, and they’ll get you FREE quotes on what you need.